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Want to get good grades by making sure that you get your reader’s attention, especially your teacher’s, every time you write an essay or are you simply bored of writing in a formal manner? Either way, writing a composition be it formal or informal can be quite boring to do and to read. Do not be wary because you could end up writing creative essays instead of writing formally. To begin with, a creative essay is a style of essay which makes you, as a student, look past the set of rules and regulations which includes guidelines and essay structures.

Basically, you have to think outside the box and according to experts from PerfectEssay which is a company that provides professional essay service as well as creative writing essays service, writing a creative essay means writing a story which has a compelling and interesting plot.


Humor plays an important part of our day to day interactions be it when we make ocnversations with our favorite person or talk your way out of getting a speed ticket with a police officer. Our body needs some sort of happy pill, the legal kind, okay? Not the drugs (unless prescribed). Us, as an individual, have the desire to laugh and it motivates us to bring a smile towards others be it via a meme you found funny in Facebook or a simple smiley face you would send a co-worker, being humerous is the way to go.

As an inexperienced writer, you may think that writing humor can only be done so in fictions or even satire. Additionally, we are aware that humor or comedy could only be written as an exaggerated or falsified content. Truth be told, for humor to be written effectively, it should be able to do a creative misdirection, in such a manner that readers cannot expect what you want them to know or where to even look at, basically numb all their senses by using appropriate metaphors and words that could elicit a giggle from them.

In general, the moment you make your reader giggle or even put a simple smile on their face, that is when you know that they will be eager to read more of your content. It does not matter what profession they belong in, be it they are doctors, lawyers or even biologists since our inner or innate desires to laugh, be it the person is not all fun and games or not, should we find the content funny, then we will laugh.

Now before we begin, as a student, you do not have all the time in the world, especially if you are in college when deadlines are too hectic which is why our company is here for you. You can buy our written essay papers or simply ask for our college essay service and we will provide them to you. We were once students too so we are here to empathize and help you succeed academically.


Though as hard as you may think that writing humor is, it is not. As a writer, it is your job to use all the available tools and there are these five simple tools you may use, according to Writers Digest:

  1. Words with the K sound (such as quintuplet, kiss) are known to be the funniest as well as words with “hard” g can create the same smiles. According to them, American humor roots from Yiddish humor which includes guttural sounds such as the k and g.
  2. Rule of three. This rule includes pairing 2 ideas with an incongruent idea. We could pair up multiple things; however, the rule of three is the easiest to remember. A good example would be Practice makes you perfect. Try and try until you get it. But no one is perfect so why practice?
  3. Comparing. This simply means that you compare people or object with metaphors.
  4. Funny stories. A lot of the funny things in life actually happened and you, as a writer should be able to tell them to your readers and should even include a little bit of exaggeration since it was experts say that people tend to laugh at funny exaggerated stories.


Now that you know your ABCs for comedic tools, you must now put your knowledge into practice.

  1. Always know when to use and when not to use your jokes since integrating humor appropriately based on the circumstances would make you more successful in eliciting a laugh from your readers.
  2. Your content should not exaggerate humor so much. What do I mean? Simply put, try to use humor as sparingly as you can so you must know the situation that calls for a laugh.
  3. In writing your essay, make sure that you always focus on the gist of the topic. Humor can sometimes misdirect you far more than misdirectng the readers so always keep in mind the goals of your project and minimize the comedic content if it is necessary.

So that’s it, other than letting your readers know that you are writing humor or by being sarcastic, remember to be able to integrate these ideas because this will definitely help you in the long run.

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